Do you know the facts of business life?

Do you know the facts of life? 

Film director Michael Moore is like America’s Mirror. He has made a good living by making us take a good two hour Look at ourselves. How did he do this you may ask yourself, with some very important facts?

The Facts: 
1.“The only Constant in Life, is Change.”
2.“Not All but some Change is good.” 
3.“We don’t ask enough of the right questions.”
Here are five of the most important questions that Americans should be asking themselves.
1.Are your Medical Bills too high?
2.Are you tired of paying big bucks for insurance, prescription drugs and healthcare?
3.Would we like to save money, make money and be our own bosses and control our own destiny?
4.If Americans were shown how would we have the courage to change, or bow to fear?
5.What is Fear? 

Well let me answer the last question first:
Yes what is fear and why does it control our lives Making following instructions difficult Fear has been defined as an “Acronym”, F.E.A.R., False, Evidence, Appearing, Real, I say it’s a strange Bird that means nobody any good that fly’s over our heads just out of reach crapping all over us from head to toe.. If you’ll do what I tell you I’ll show you how to trap that bird , wring his neck, pluck him , butcher, and dredge it in flour and place it in the “Hot Grease”, of your choice turning it from time to time until it is golden brown and delicious Yeah it taste and looks just like “Chicken” Well if you’re not “Chicken”Go to:
Chickens have a right to fearful everyone’s out to get them. From the moment they come into the world people are trying to get them to come out of their shells.

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